About Suicide Bunny

Suicide Bunny is a popular producer of eJuice products. For the uninitiated, eJuice is the flavored liquid that E-cigarettes use to create the vapors that simulate traditional cigarette smoke. They can be carefully mixed to provide a wide array of different flavors, from coffee to fruit mixes. Suicide Bunny is premium line offering a unique mix of flavors that lean towards the sweeter creamier side and come in Nicotine Strengths(MG) of 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 allowing users to choose a level they are comfortable with and a taste they can enjoy. Their eJuice products come at about $20.00 for 30 milligrams, pretty standard for a premium product.


Suicide Bunny offers a wide selection of flavors including Derailed, Mother’s Milk, Sucker Punch, The O.B, and Madrina. Derailed has a distinct bakery style of flavor and can be inhaled for the buttery, cinnamon flavor of snickerdoodle cookies and exhaled to get a mixed flavor of sweet cinnamon and bananas. Derailed is sweet and strong, reminding some people of fresh cinnamon buns. Mother’s Milk is a similar desert like blend with the thick but smooth taste of strawberry milk. It’s one of Suicide Bunny’s most popular blends at the moment and if your active in the “vaping” community you’ve likely heard the buzz. Sucker Punch is the standout of the group, it’s violent name hinting at the tangy hint of fruit striking out beneath layers of smooth, light cream. Users have detected hints of dragon fruit and possibly pomegranate. Madrina is another stand out, blending light cream with a strong taste of melons. It’s much more of a fruit mix than the others but the melon taste makes it lighter and softer than other fruit flavors available.EHookah-SuicideBunny-Liquid-30ml-Group-L

Their last is The O.B, as in “the original bunny,” a secret recipe. The aura of mystery is enticing and adds to a sweet, slightly heady mix of cream. The O.B is light and smooth on the inhale but comes out strong on the exhale, lingering like a bite of cake.

Sucker Punch is a personal favorite and a solid recommendation to those who prefer the sharper taste of fruit in their Ejuices. The hint of dragon fruit gives it a surprising bit of kick that makes it stick out from most vapors, which are designed to be on the light side so as not to be too distracting. It’s a surprising but pleasant departure from the more desert flavored styles which are Suicide Bunny’s signature and provides an energizing jolt that lives up to it’s name.

Suicide Bunny’s Ejuices are kept in glass drippers and each flavor features a unique and beautifully designed cover art all it’s own. They are kept in glass drippers and should be stored in cool dark places. This allows the liquid inside to settle a little, providing a better mix of flavors though it takes a day or two. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy these awesome flavors from Suicide bunny. You actually don’t have to go anywhere at all! eJuice Farm is an online vape shop that sells only the best flavors,┬ávape products and accessories.